South Carolina Two Car Crash Results in Three Fatalities

Late Sunday evening in South Carolina, a two-car crash claimed the lives of three people. At approximately 9:30pm at 119th Street and Northwest 17th Avenue, a vehicle turned in front of another vehicle, resulting in the fatal collision.

A driver operating a Toyota Corolla was on Northwest 17th Avenue driving north. While the driving was working to make a left turn, a Chevrolet Impala struck the Corolla. The Impala was at 119th Street, going west on 17th Avenue.

A business near the scene of the accident provided surveillance tape to investigators. The tape shows that the Corolla made a near stop. However, the Impala that plowed into the Toyota does not appear to stop at all. The severity of the crash was extreme and both cars were demolished, she shredded parts plying through the air.

At the scene of the accident, three passengers died immediately, according to the police. Identification was not immediately available for the victims. There were two drivers who police identified as Paul Manreza, age 55, and Shakeena Hasty, age 32. There were three people in the Corolla, a woman and two men, all three of which were killed at the scene.

“We are devastated. I never imagined something like this going to happen last night,” said Mariza Araujo, the girlfriend of one of the deceased, Ramon Castro. “Araujo continued by telling Peter O’Dench of CBS4, “I lost my soul mate.”

Paul Manreza was driving the Corolla. He survived the accident and was transported to a hospital nearby to receive treatment for his injuries. Shakeena Hasty was driving the Impala and she also survived the initial crash. She was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital via air to receive treatment for her injuries.

Police in South Carolina-Dade believe that speed might have played a role in the accident. They continue to piece together what happened this fateful night to determine the exact cause of the crash and the timeline of events leading to it.

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Mariza Araujo continued to state, “Please take it easy. It is not worth it. Now three innocent people are dead. Now they are not here because of her. She should get what is coming to her. Ramon was my life. We were planning to get married in a few months.”

The police are asking those with information to please contact South Carolina-Dade Crime Stoppers. They are still investigating the accident and have not yet cited or charged anyone. They need more information to determine the exact cause of the crash before they can file the proper charges and citations. All latest information can be find at all the news and radio station. So this this case will echo for a long time to come.