9 reasons you shouldn’t date A british woman

9 reasons you shouldn’t date A british woman

1. She shall out-drink you.

Almost all of my adolescent memories involve sitting within the park with my pals, getting shit-faced on a sharing-size bottle of White Ace. While typing that phrase literally makes me personally gag now, it shows that people Uk girls have actually a fairly tolerance that is high liquor.

Whenever I’m making arrangements to meet with some body, it is really unusual that I’ll suggest a coffee — it is often a ‘boozy meal’ or meeting for products later in the day. We love to bring our close friend Alcohol into most of our social tasks, and just why wouldn’t we? We’re much less snooty and miserable in regards to the London rush whenever we’re drunk. When you are taking A uk woman away, be warned after you were ready to call it a night that she will keep the drinks coming long.

2. This woman is likely to fill your phone memory up with things you don’t actually provide a shit about.

An image of your pet dog in a move it came with, rants about all the shitheads she has to be nice to at work — your WhatsApp is going to be pinging from the minute you leave her to the minute you see her again with all the things that you’re missing that she saw on her newsfeed, a photo of her coffee that morning with the cute little biscuit.

Yeah, we understand you don’t actually offer a shit and then we really don’t give a shit just what you’re as much as either — but if you don’t participate in from the backwards and forwards and deliver us an image for the guy you saw using socks with sandals from the pipe in November, you’ll see our wrath.

3. You’re planning to just take her sarcasm too really. Continue reading “9 reasons you shouldn’t date A british woman”