How To: New Hacks On LinkedIn App For Tablets To Make It Better [Part 2].

Post one to two hours before prime time so that your post appears at the top of the news feed as soon as your target persons log in. Professionals and managers are busy people with little time. Mondays are often used to catch up on tasks left over from the last week and to take part in various meetings in which further procedures are discussed. Once the planning has been completed and the most important tasks for the week have been completed, LinkedIn members have the head to actively take care of their network.

After all, LinkedIn allows you to dive into your past experiences much more than you can with a standard resume. LinkedIn is the number-one online networking tool for professionals and job seekers.

The Perfect Time To Share Your Content On Linkedin? These Are Our Tips

You should aim to include 3-8 keywords/phrases that match what employers are searching for (more on that in a sec!). Most job seekers leverage LinkedIn as a platform for finding jobs and connecting with potential contacts. Before we jump into the meat of things, I want to highlight some mistakes that I see a LOT of people making on LinkedIn.

  • Here are a couple of examples of people sharing a small bit of personal information where their connections can help them celebrate or engage with them in a positive way.
  • Did you find an inspiring TED Talk or motivating image?
  • There are some time slots that work better than the others and these time slots are different for different platforms.
  • It’s surprisingly easy to upload your resume to LinkedIn, and it’s a crucial part of applying for a job.

With the premium version, it also gives users a chance to introduce themselves before submitting an application. There are several communities that cater to various aspects of digital marketing from tactical knowledge all the way to running a digital agency. If interested in seeking out a community, just use Facebook’s search tool to find groups about the topic of interest. Maybe somewhat surprisingly, there are several Facebook groups dedicated toward sharing professional knowledge and experiences. If interested in finding a Slack community, a quick Google search for “’Insert Topic Here’ + Slack Community” usually turns up several options. I’m a fan, because I’ve joined some great communities, met great people, and have even created working relationships all through Slack.

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Companies use LinkedIn to LinkedIn recruit high potentials and high talents worldwide. Basically, it’s about building a brand online and gaining expert status in your niche.