Like bronies, these individuals can be put into two classes

Like bronies, these individuals can be put into two classes

1. The homophobic anti brony. These people dislike the fanbase since they think the program should simply be for little girls and bash upon anyone who wants it for being “gay” “autistic” and Biker dating app that’s not even the worst of these insults. About cleverness, they have been exactly the same through the rabid bronies, and may never be taken seriously.

2. the true anti bronies i am within group. These people haven’t any challenge with the show. Her issue sits with all the immature fanbase of it. They hate more bronies because them shoving the show to the faces, and hating united states regarding sliver level of negativity we wear their unique ‘work of art.’ that is completely hypocritical since they always tell us to ignore as soon as we see our very own favorite pages becoming spammed by ponies. Look, bronies, we never stated you simply can’t see the program. We are grateful that individuals tend to be enjoying different series because it creates diversity, but that doesn’t mean you can be such focus desire trolls.

Different Anti Brony 1. Omg dis showz gayz n any1 woo liekz it iz homosexual. Wach people stuf you faggotts!!1!1!1!one!

2. Could you bronies grow up? The reason why can’t you are taking the opinion, for bang sake? We don’t like tv series, okay? It doesn’t indicate we hate your for liking it. And god, quit bombarding you!

Today, there’s two strategies to handle a brony (a male lover of My personal Little Pony). Continue reading “Like bronies, these individuals can be put into two classes”