Don’t Let Motorcycle Season Be Ruined…Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles are typically a great source of enjoyment for the rider. The season of the year at which they can take their bike out of the garage and begin to ride, is a coveted time. Though riding is pleasurable, the rider is always put in a very dangerous spot every time they hit the road. Sometime the motorcyclist forgets how much danger surrounds them when they are sharing the road with cars and trucks.

Despite how anyone thinks or feels about bikers, they too have rights and must be treated with respect. Every day the riders of these two-wheeled vehicles are injured, even killed. Everyday there is a motorcycle accident John Bales Attorneys willing to stand up in court to avenge these riders. The legal process that follows events like this are burdensome and require skilled defenders to see it through.

One such case is that of Rennie Forsythe, as she was riding as a passenger on a motorcycle that was being operated Michael Westfall. When Westfall gave his side of the story, he stated in part that a vehicle that still remains unidentified, cross into the lane in which he was driving. Westfall did admit that there was never contact between his vehicle and the vehicle of the unidentified driver.

In the commission of the crash, Forsythe motorcycle accident attorney told Madam Justice Jean MacFarland that she “suffered a severe concussion and brain injury, as well as injuries to her back, head, left shoulder, left elbow and left bicep”. Forsythe was trying to sue both Westfall and her insurance company, for damage she believes to be in excess of two-hundred thousand dollars.

a12Westfall has motioned for change in venues, attempting to argue that the current venue does not have any legal jurisdiction in this case. Justice Paul Perell agreed and granted this change in jurisdiction. Justice Perell’s ruling was upheld at the appellate court. Concerning Westfall Justice Perell added, “not liable and the unidentified driver was the cause of the accident, then the coverage for the unidentified driver would be found in Ms. Forsythe’s policy with Intact”.

Justice Perell ended in part by saying, “If Mr. Westfall is culpable to any degree, then he is a liable and an insured driver and there would be no need for uninsured motorist coverage for Ms. Forsythe, but she might need underinsured coverage if his liability limits were insufficient to compensate her for her injuries”.

Becoming entangled in a legal mess can be the result of an unavoidable motorcycle crash. Compounded onto all of the pain and suffering from being injured, you also have to deal with a laundry list of legal issues.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle collision, get medical help and then contact the most qualified motorcycle accident attorney you can find. Also you can visit this site and for more information Make sure that you hire a lawyer that specializes in motorcycle injury law. Moreover, it is advisable that you use an attorney that practices law in the same area as the court in which the case is being heard. A local attorney likely knows the prosecutors and judges in this particular jurisdiction.

Whatever side of the law you find yourself, be ready with an experienced motorcycle injury attorney.



Why Area There So Many Construction Accidents in NYC?

New York City ended 2015 with an unfortunate new statistic. The city, known for it’s high-priced real estate offerings and tight accommodations, saw a 50% increase in construction accidents. Some of the injured victims and the families of those fatally injured sought solace in the civil court system by meeting with New York personal injury attorneys.

Great restaurants, amazing sports teams, and world-class entertainment: That’s the Big Apple. New York City is a desirable place to live and work. It’s population boom means there’s a constant need for new or refurbished housing and working quarters. Because of this and the economic bounce back the country has been experiencing, construction projects have soared in the city that never sleeps. While new construction is generally a good thing, a lot of new construction can have two scary consequences. The rise in construction accidents may be due to these two factors

The first factor is an overworked labor force. With more and more construction projects, construction workers are working longer hours to get things done. Being tired can lead to mistakes and reckless behavior. It can also slow one’s reflexes. Any of these could lead to an injury to a construction worker or someone walking by a construction site. An overworked labor force leads to unnecessary accidents.

In order to combat fatigue, construction companies are hiring more workers, which brings us to factor number two. Constructions companies may be hiring inexperienced workers who aren’t getting sufficient training because of the high demand for labor. Their lack of knowledge and experience could be injurious to their coworkers, to themselves, or to pedestrians. New workers may be hired with little-to-no construction experience, which in itself isn’t bad. However, when paired with a high-stress environment and dangerous equipment, a rookie construction worker could do more harm than good.

A construction accident can lead to injuries that may require expensive medical care and loss of work. Too many construction workers died in New York construction accidents in 2015. Their families deserve to be compensated for their wrongful deaths. Thankfully, there are many great New York personal injury lawyers that help protect construction workers, their families, and those injured on or near a construction site. Many reputable New York personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation that can help you decide whether you to move forward with your claim. They’ll be able to inform you about the civil court system and the need to prove negligence on the part of your employer. Civil cases do adhere to different statute of limitations, so it is important to see a New York personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your case is filed within the proper time limit. No one should feel they aren’t able to support their family or pay their medical bills because of a work accident. If you’ve been harmed by the negligence of your employers, speak to a New York personal injury law firm today.

Driver error causes the majority of accidents

amanda spenceWe are all guilty of doing it. Looking at our cell phone, changing the radio station or even eating while driving are common tasks performed by many drivers. Some of us have even been caught putting makeup on while driving! Or attempting to drive is more like it. All of these things and more can lead to an accident. Taking your eyes off the road, even for more than a few seconds can have devastating consequences for you, your car, or worse, innocent bystanders.

No one ever thinks it can happen to them, but it can. 94% of crashes are attributed to driver error. In Ocala, and many other Florida cities, personal injury is a common problem for people affected by an accident on the road. People are distracted while driving, and an innocent bystander can easily get hurt.

Accidents are increasing each year, due to driver error. Crashes caused by distracted driving have increased by 25% in Florida alone since 2012. Many of these can be attributed to young people and their continuous love for technology. Drivers ages 20 to 29 are responsible for 31% of crashes. This statistic is startling, but true. Young people need to be aware of their surroundings and focused on driving safely.

Everyone knows someone who has been involved in a crash or devastating accident, due to negligent driving. It could be your daughter, your father, or even your best friend. The worst thing is that most of these accidents were preventable. No one would have gotten hurt, if someone had been more attentive while driving.

ocala florida citiesWe see it on the news too often. In Ocala, and many other Florida cities, a personal injury is caused by a distracted driver, affecting an innocent person, sometimes even a child. In 2010, the Florida Department of Transportation created an Internet survey asking 1,287 respondents what the most serious traffic safety concerns were. The results were startling. 64% of the respondents said distracted and inattentive driving was a major safety concern. People know that others could be distracted while driving, but no one ever thinks they could be the cause of such an event themselves.

Florida Statute 316.193 describes strong punishments for drivers convicted of a DUI, which is a very common form of distracted driving. Drivers who enjoy texting, web browsing, or taking their eyes off the road for more than 5 seconds, appear to show a strong disconnect for the high potential for bodily harm. No one ever thinks they could cause an accident from being distracted. People seem to believe it will never happen to them, or that they could hurt someone by looking away for a few moments. It happens more frequently than we care to admit.

There are so many things that can affect road conditions and safety while driving. Harsh weather, other drivers, and hazards on the roadways should always be a cause for concern for cautious drivers. Defensive driving can help save lives and keep us focused on the task at hand: getting where we need to go safely and effectively.

The amount of money needed to pay for damages and medical costs is staggering. Distracted driving crashes are responsible for $129 billion in societal costs in 2010 alone. That’s a lot of money, and someone has to foot the bill. If you are ever in an accident in Ocala, a personal injury can literally ruin your life, or other’s lives. The most important thing is to always be prepared and think ahead.

Drivers should always have a plan. Know who you can call if you are ever a victim of personal injury or negligent driving. Have a lawyer on speed dial to help make sure you won’t be stuck with the cost and headache of a distracted driver. Always drive defensively, and put away distracting items, such as cell phones and food.